Roland Topor illustration from ”Les Masochistes” - 1960

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hi we go to school together but I've always been too scared to talk to you because you're so gorgeous and you seem so cool so I just wanted to tell you anonymously that I'm in love with you(:

ohmigosh what! id tell u to say hi to me but im not at school anymore…if ur at prom say hi yooo

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Mexican-American Gothic (2010) by Santiago Forero

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you mentioned a meal plan recently..? could i ask what it is? you have such a gorgeous figure, i'd love to know how to get it!

thanks but my meal plan is assigned by my dietitian as part of my treatment for anorexia

kinda like a small crow

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today I got everything I need for my prom outfit and a new pink lamp plus the things I got for easter and I have followed my meal plan all day and now I’m reading I also got to hang out w my boyfriend and wear lipstick for the first time in weeks

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